Friday, November 28, 2008

Kanvik Designer series (update)

Happy Thanksgiving yall, hope you had a good, glutenous, and festive day, it seems i cant go a minute nowadays without working on something, call it drive, call it work ethic, call getting old, but whatever it is, i am getting more work done than i ever have, got my groove back you might say.

At the girl Frans for the holiday, and while Ms Fran cooked up the culinary delights, i made her a lamp that i had been promising her.  Fran wanted something different than the standard can, so i decided to do a sparrow study theme for her can, worked out nice and fits other bird-esc pieces that adorn her home.  We might have something here

Lamp shade has options we'll see what happens today


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Kofie's 4x4 show

Ms Fran and I were lucky enough to catch the 4x4 show in hollywood, Kof came off super great, and the installation was massive and incredible, dude outdid himself, good visual and an extra special bonus, Kof got analog on it with the live 8 track set.

big fun


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

happy thanksgiving i guess / palin strikes out again

wowsers, it just gets more uncomfortable by the minute, check out palin in "turkeygate"

super groovy toy commercials from the 70's

man bringing back the memories.....check these out

Monday, November 24, 2008

On Deck Part duo

the "On Deck" video
Raekwon rocking at the show, we took off sorta early but you can see the deck in the bkground

fucking Eye just putts this shit together nice


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

On Deck Show this saturday

Nov 22.....just dropped the deck off to mr EYEone, come out and support the kid.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

america is back, bill mahers last show of the season rules rocked this week

Sunday, November 9, 2008

what is gay.........

hahaha , with all the whoop laaa regarding the prop 8 issue, i was doing some research and found this funny little cartoon.........

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dash at Rumba Style in Santa Monica


I just dropped off two of my most highly prized wood burnings at the Rumba Style store in Santa Monica, if your not familiar with Rumba Style is a very nice furniture store here in Santa Monica, full of interesting and collectible pieces. F4, and WAIT got added to the eclectic collection of googales and rare oddities. If your in the market for me or just some really nice high end home furnishings go by and give em a peek.

Rumba Style
1740 #C Ocean Park Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405
t. 310.392.3103
f. 310.392.7145


africa is a continent really?............palin gaffes continue

wow..........arent you glad mccain didnt get elected die and leave the country to the avon lady.

so this just in, new Revelations on what a wingnut sarah palin was.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

obama wins

wow........what a great night, great decision and a great speech by a undeniably great man.

ive been keeping up on his policies and iam very excited.

out with the old guard, old ways, old barriers, and in with a new era.

this is starting to sound like a poor attempt at pulling an obama, so iam gonna stop and say, congrats.


Lost Collection 0001 | 1998-2008 REVIEW

First and foremost, If you missed the "LOST" show at the 33 1/3 over the weekend, kick yourself in the neck, it was amazing, Eye, Kopye and the Phantom of l.a came off as always, better than ever.

I caught up with Mr Eye on Sunday and he slid me a copy of the latest LOST mag, mag, no book, this thing is just beautiful. Eye has given me copies before and i couldn't really figure out why, but i have come to realize that hes just a super cool head that truely loves graff and design. So i figured i owe him a fair review of the book.

Now right when this thing hits your hand, your impressed, its got thick silk screened covers back and front and the design impression is gorgeous, eye is also a graphic designer and it shows heavy. The book is thick as fuck and as your flipping thru page after page of dope work by the likes of Krenz,
Patrick Martinez, Cab, and others you start to think to yourself "i need to be in the next one of these", its that badass you just want to be part of the movement.

Everyone i have shown this thing to in the few days that i have had it wants to buy it off me, but of course when you receive a gift there is no way in hell you can sell it, but luckily eye has a site where you can pick one up i was literally held hostage getting my bagels today by the clerk that couldn't put it down.

Speaking of the site, if you haven't already been there, its like everything eye does, first class "press release", plenty of pics and what really impressed me and that ain't exactly an easy thing to do, he has a sample pdf with like 24 pages from the book..............dope.

But your gonna wanna get the real thing of course, its a dope book for the house, shit it even put a touch of class to my house, and my dirty coffee table where it temporarily living.

Other highlights are Luna's macro spray cans, Francine the best photographer i know, was instantly impressed and that says a lot.

So conclusion: Dope worth every cent

Pros: Eye, Cab, Luna, Krenz, Patrick Martinez, Quality design and publishing ascetics. limited 2k run

Cons: It took me a minute to figure out how to close it right, the ring binding is somewhat confusing, a little to much bombing for me.

Price : 30 USD with free shipping


Cosigned: YES


worlds smallest pico projector i think

yo check this thing out...........pretty bad ass for what it is
640 x 480 res, 1.3 kg, $250, don't know what the throw is or how big the image is, didnt say, but it looks pretty nice and small enough to throw in the backpack for those impromptu sessions, thats my new 5 dollar word btw, impromptu.....

seems like the only bad thing is that its composite video in, not the standard vga like on most i think you would need some kinda adaptor or something hmmmmmmmmm.


UPDATE: heres a list of other pico projectors if yall in the market.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

spray can lamps at 33 1/3

well after much experiment, the spray can lamps are finally done, and we piloting them over at 33 1/3. Not to toot my own horn but they came out great, iam really happy with em, there is only a few over there right now, so if you wanna be the first on the block, get over there quick. The lamps for sale are part of my DK1 series which means that i actually used them in commission of pieces, they are numbered and there is a track back site so that you can see what cans were used for what pieces.

33 1/3
5111 W. PICO BLVD.
310 694-3460 (call to make sure they have some left)

View Larger Map

Online store coming soon........


eye one show and impromtu prop 8 protest

Cool night, went out with the boy Tom for an art show at the 331/3 gallery, Big eye and Kopye definitely represented the show well, nice work as always.  Afterward it was a bite to eat, and an impromptu prop 8 protest on santa monica blvd for my 15 minutes of civic activism, it was fun cars honking and people definitely seemed in support of prop 8.  Tom kicked my ass in chess at the coffee spot as he seems to be making a habit of.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

prop 8 part 2

well, the more i think and read about prop 8 the madder i get that i cant vote........

and of course madder still that you can.........hahahah

iam pretty much not gay, but i think its bigger than a lateral position. We are all in this together in los angeles, like it or not, there is a big population of very cool gay cats and dolls here and they are part of the collective so what happens to their rights eventually will impact everyones rights.

the fact that this is even a propostion is infurariting, a propistion to take away rights. I am fully aware of the prior court decision, but i feel that it was just and ya know sometimes all the people are just wrong. Voting in oppression and discriminary tactics toward gays is just an impulse reaction, hard wired Leviticus and years of biblilical programing have made people into robots, and thats where we need wise judges to see the seperation of church and state.

the people that sponsered this propostion mostly are not even from this state, why would they care about our eternal souls and what gay people do here. Well its part of a nationwide movement to strip gays of rights and replace books of the bible with "holy scripture", in my opinion. If you can stomp out that last refuge of free will and civil liberities than calfironia is on its way to becoming more like the "heartland" of this country.

Well i say fuck that...............

I like L.a the way it is, no religion except the casting couch blessings, Porn stars at the starbucks, Harleys and coke parties, earthquakes and gangsters.........
Meth heads, and 300,000 cars and apple computers, we just fucking better than the rest of the country for a reason

So please, if you love Dash and you love your gay friends and you love civil rights and liberites even a little vote NO ON 8