Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lost Collection 0001 | 1998-2008 REVIEW

First and foremost, If you missed the "LOST" show at the 33 1/3 over the weekend, kick yourself in the neck, it was amazing, Eye, Kopye and the Phantom of l.a came off as always, better than ever.

I caught up with Mr Eye on Sunday and he slid me a copy of the latest LOST mag, mag, no book, this thing is just beautiful. Eye has given me copies before and i couldn't really figure out why, but i have come to realize that hes just a super cool head that truely loves graff and design. So i figured i owe him a fair review of the book.

Now right when this thing hits your hand, your impressed, its got thick silk screened covers back and front and the design impression is gorgeous, eye is also a graphic designer and it shows heavy. The book is thick as fuck and as your flipping thru page after page of dope work by the likes of Krenz,
Patrick Martinez, Cab, and others you start to think to yourself "i need to be in the next one of these", its that badass you just want to be part of the movement.

Everyone i have shown this thing to in the few days that i have had it wants to buy it off me, but of course when you receive a gift there is no way in hell you can sell it, but luckily eye has a site where you can pick one up http://lost.seekingheaven.com/. i was literally held hostage getting my bagels today by the clerk that couldn't put it down.

Speaking of the site, if you haven't already been there, its like everything eye does, first class "press release", plenty of pics and what really impressed me and that ain't exactly an easy thing to do, he has a sample pdf with like 24 pages from the book..............dope.

But your gonna wanna get the real thing of course, its a dope book for the house, shit it even put a touch of class to my house, and my dirty coffee table where it temporarily living.

Other highlights are Luna's macro spray cans, Francine the best photographer i know, was instantly impressed and that says a lot.

So conclusion: Dope worth every cent

Pros: Eye, Cab, Luna, Krenz, Patrick Martinez, Quality design and publishing ascetics. limited 2k run

Cons: It took me a minute to figure out how to close it right, the ring binding is somewhat confusing, a little to much bombing for me.

Price : 30 USD with free shipping

Site: http://lost.seekingheaven.com/

Cosigned: YES


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