Monday, September 29, 2008

palin is dip shit

ok, god is one thing i dont believe in btw.......

but i found this one the interweb........this is most incredible.........iam having a hard time understanding why they picked her, the geological record and carbon dating kinda have proved the following statement "extremely ignorant" for someone who may be running my country very shortly.....

Palin: Man and Dinosaur Existed at Same Time


When asked about her religious beliefs, Governor Palin of Alaska/Running Republican Party Vice-President, publicly stated that man and dinosaur co-existed on the planet 6,000 years ago. She made the comment during her reign as a small town mayor.

As critics are starting to pick apart Palin's past, questioning her political agenda and religious background, a spokesman for the governor states that she has never made those remarks about dinosaurs and evolution in public.

Although scientists have proven dinosaurs went extinct some 65 million years ago, Palin did push for "intelligent design" to be taught along with evolution in Alaska schools but has yet to force it into the curriculum, say Alaskan educators.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

painting with random

having fun at the graff lab today, big ups to mr random, and big else.......was fun was hot, was late when i finished so better photos coming tommorrow when big else sends em over

peace and enjoy

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


black booking

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

spray paint on newsprint

testing the newsprint to see if it would take some spray paint, and to my surprise it took quite well, kinda spurred to do some one of a kind wheat paste posters, think free art, these are the first run try outs....


Friday, September 19, 2008

One Hour golden shower

hhaah what a title me and the boy Random went to the Somesomething yard and busted out a little something something yesterday

So the above mentioned photo was done in an hour, without sayso, if you know what i mean

so we did that, got some dirty feet cause i wore fucking flipper flops to the yard, then went home and cooked chicken tacos for Ms Fran.......

Unitard gallery -------closing: update

Well, the good folk over at Unitard gallery are closing there doors, dont know the whole story but sven the curator and resident smoker is on to new adventures, so go and help him clear his stash out, by which i mean he is having a huge cargo sale, desk, manikins, sex toys what have you.

Dont exactly know the status of the walls we did there, and what will become of them, but its all good and i wish mr sven the best hes a good dude.

Saturday and Sunday
706 1st street, near alameda in downtown l.a

update:  Good times with sven and possee when me and fran went to go check dude out on possibly his last days at the unitard.  From what i can tell the "hot deals" were in effect and i think dude cleared out most of the heavy hard to carry materials. We invited ourselves out to Italian with Mr Sven and his possee and at the only Italian restaurant in Japan town LOL, very civilized, cool peeps and good calizones.  Good sounds from the MPC2000 chased with natural light and mr svens "tampons joints"  ahhaahhh, Sven is a very cool cat and fran and I wish him super good happy fun luck in his new digs in highland park.  Double P.S, the fate of the walls is dubious at this point, as they are building some more doouch style uppie boxes in the lot next to unitard, kofie already has a rather large cinderblock construction in from of his piece (for trash cans), and there is rebar and heavy mining equipment all around the walls, so we'll keep our digits crossed that they keep the pieces up for sentimental value, but i must be honest i dont understand white people so who knows



If you didnt know now ya know......all the greats working tonight.....
cant make it but i heard they renting a giraffe so go check that out......hahhaha
big up to ya thing meng


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

new piece book

Got a new piece by the generosity of Fran, and so i had to break it in today.  Trying out some new stuff, cant really see it but i glued in some velum, tried some cotton for the clouds but that was a mess.  Little dedication to the "lady" gloria molina in there too.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

33 1/3 x 2......

Went to hang with the fellas and support today at the 33 1/3 on pico.  the Dash / urban / boys day out equivalent of "the sunday game", i came out to support my boy Plek, Toons, Trixter.  Incredible work from all these guys and it was fresh hanging / drinking with some intellectually stimulating folks such as Mondo, Biser, Toons, Killer and other cats with with equally odd sounding names.  Lil Muck was again out and about this time painting her letters that she said were again "fashion magazine inspired" although i didnt see any Kim Kardasian features in her letters (missed the photo op of her piece tbc)

Cool day if you were there ya know what iam saying.......peace and respects to the K4P, WAI, LAW, SFT, WCA, UTI crew......
Happy Bday to Make one, who also as always came off real fresh......

Art Show Saturdays

Fran and I canvased the city on Saturdays in search of well "canvases', first on the list was the "01" gallery featuring some Iraqi / we are a bunch of capitalistic bastard inspired art, very nice people at the 01 but I was fairly unimpressed that the content imagery came from the "Internet" as opposed to a real life experience, sudo celebrity siting included Retna and Revok, then it was on to Glendale for some white art that was categorized as "conceptual", but i thought it was groovy cause the theme of the show was "time capsules", "dont open until my death etc", I differ on the importance of conceptual art, but thats for a later blog at which time i am sure i will forget why i gave a shit so  much at the time.

after which we breezed thru to Alhambra to the nucleus gallery on main, which moved unexpectedly and played tricks on our parking fairy but it was all good.  By this time Parties were getting tired so we made a short stay of it, but highlights were seeing my friend Mari selling a piece for 1800 and "My shitty driving".......hahhaha

its all love Enjoy......

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bill Maher and Religulous

So iam a big Fan of Bill Maher and a harsh critic of Religion, now Bill is putting those things together in movie form,  in an upcoming movie.


peep the trailer......this shit is gonna be dope......

Enjoy and may Bill be with you

Urban Critters Series

hey yall

just coming up with a new line of Paper Targets for the urban environment, keep ya sights on and your aim up, coming to a gun store near you.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

shit i need / they dont make yet

howdyyyyy riggin's

its tech thursday, hmmmmm tech tuesday would sound better but fuck it, its my blog.  Technology is a simulated passion of mine, so your gonna find this blog an interesting balancing act of graff, fran and technology......its sorta urban carne asada fusion, yea thats it

i be needed an ipod touch, preferably a iphone, but i aint getting pimped for 2 years by the death star, so i need an ipod touch, it will need to be jailbroken and of course since itunes 8 just came out with the anti pwned feature, the pwned dudes said suck it and put up a counter measure app.

there is a rumor that apple will be putting out a "macbook touch" in october, this is amazing, straight minority report about it.  think ipod touch bigger, for reading the paper / this blog, making music, check the video, its a concept video but from what i heard its kinda on point.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

some ol Dash music

just found  some old tracks i did a couple years ago, wanna hear it here it go.  Enjoy

Mc Teaspoon iodine

and of course the man mr spoon, if you can make it sound good without a beat ya know you got something.......from the upcoming "good life" doc, "This is the Life"

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gentrification from the perspective of the "devil"s advocate

Ok first and foremost, i'am a white guy.....(well Italian and Indian, but i look pretty white, mmm that's to be discussed later, never got turned down for a loan or got my ass kicked by the police so yea i guess i'am white, i'll play the card)

I have been hearing my to do do about gentrification, and for some reason i just don't understand why its a bad thing.  

I mean you got a shitty neighborhood with gangs, fucked up roads, graffiti and a run down set of shops, why not refresh that shit.

Los Angeles in general is a wash of beige and grey with a lot of repetition, mexican restaurant mexican restaurant, gun store, church, liquor store, strip mall, etc, or Starbucks, whole foods, jamba juice, etc.  Run down house with rusty chain link or new condos with bamboo in the front yard.

So which do you prefer, i mean if you had the money which would you prefer.  I went to whole foods yesterday in Venice and i gotta say it was nicer than the big lots that was there.

The bums that used to hang around the big lots for the most part are gone, the area is starting to clean up, people are walking there dogs again, and for the most part its safer than it was in the days of the oak wood crips and dope slanging and gang violence of the late 80s early 90's.

I cant see how this is a bad thing, the Mexican people that live in the neighborhood ain't gangsters, they fucking working class people who like walking they dogs to.  Don't like bullshit in they hood where their kids are growing up.

The Venice area is one example, Silver lake, Eagle rock, Highland park are all going thru a change, a flux, a renewal.  Hipsters, Artist, and Bohemians are always the first wave, and generally integrate into the neighborhood fairly well.  Everyone starts doing home improvement, people start keeping up their lawns, and the neighborhood get a art gallery and few coffee shops.  Why is this a problem i don't get it.

One thing i have noticed that i cant explain is that it only seems to be in the Spanish (mexican)areas of Los Angeles, this could possibly be to white and black peoples self imposed segregation i'am not shure, but it does seem to the norm.

Los Angeles is such a weird fucking place sometimes, we are the most culturally diverse yet the most segregated at the same time.

Well that's my anthropology rant for now, leave a comment if you agree disagree, its an open topic with me, i'am interested to hear other views.

new ipod touch mehhhhh

Morgin, yall

Well ever since Fran got her iphone i have been wanting a similar experience, but after hearing the rumors on the interweb, i thought i would wait till they came out with the new one.  There were rumors of a camera and GPS, but when i rolled out of bed an hour after the event, these rumors turned out to be just that.

Apple is a great company and make nice stuff, but there events as of late have been less that spectacular and today was no exception.

Basically it has a new back, hard volume buttons, and a price point break, 8 GB for 229.  Thats 30 bucks more than original estimates but whatever 30 bucks.  

To be honest i was really hoping for the GPS, so many applications and possiblities for GPS, geotagging, and location based do hickeys are really nice on the iphone, but i guess i will have to live without it.

The Touch is still amazing, and i still want one, did i mention its my birthday.  It a great time for technology and my last post with pics from 1987 reminds me how far its come.

Back in 1987 when i was going to community college, computers were just not readily available, and for shure i couldn't afford one even if they where, the ipod was the walkman or swap meet equivalent.  There was no internet, no digital cameras, 20 odd years wow, things have changed so much, its great.

Glad i made it this far, and i hope i got another 100 years in me so i can see how far we go from here.


some ol ol ol school

the man mc teaspoon iodine, has digitized some memories from the stone ages (87).  As Charlie Murphy said, "if you was in L.A in the 80's yall mother fuckers were wearing some way out shit" amen brother. click to enlarge and or enter the time warp


Monday, September 8, 2008

obama bill

having some phun with the photoshop.....enjoy

Sunday, September 7, 2008

33 1/ 3

33 1/ 3 mad fun today, thanks for everyone that came out, super huge crowd, mad chill
big up to the fellas that painted with me today, especially my man CAB.....

better flicks to come

Thursday, September 4, 2008

base jumping going wrong

i gotta say this shit looks cool till the crashing into the tree part / breaking your fucking leg part....but i guess it could have been worst they could have been playing that video at his wake.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Dash painting live at 33 1/3

Come on down and shake a wood's hand.......props up to 33 and third.....
HIP HOP>>>>>>

Murals in Los Angeles, my rant

hi, iam a graffiti artist from los angeles, and i think some of you are taking a very biased point of view on the murals of los angeles. yes graffiti tagging is a problem in los angeles as in many cities, and within the graffiti community there is a division of believes in regard to "tagging" on murals. All things have a good and bad side, FIRE comes to mind, Guns, etc I am of the opinion that tagging on murals is wrong and very disrespectful, but to label tagging and mural art together is just downright uninformed. the murals on the 110 and 101, are very dated, and for the most part are the work of artists in the 80 and 90's, these murals have faded very badly and are not reflective of the people of los angeles. existing murals with olympic circa 1984 themes are an example of the city councils desertion of the people and artists of los angeles. the city let these murals get destroyed, there are protective coatings that can be applied to murals that make them virtually graffiti proof, but this takes stewardship and maintance. The city did not hold up its part of the deal. if a water main breaks, the city repairs it, its there civic duty and paid for in taxes by us the people of los angeles. The same should be true for the murals of los angeles. Bad things happen and you fix them, thats part of keeping the city running. Art, and murals are a reflection a first impression, that the city is alive, that there is culture here, a thriving art scene, that is an important part of a vibrant city. If we do not protect, and encourage art and murals, we might as well change the city colors to grey and beige..... Dash2000 graffiti artist.