Thursday, February 26, 2009

new skype account

what up yall, ok got a new skype account and we tring it out.

first impression is ok, the sound quality is pretty decent i would say about 8 so far. i have the 10 credit thing, and i must say doing it thru the paypal and echeck is not the way to go took 3 days, use your credit card much faster.

added a couple "call me buttons" to the page, so if you click it will call me direct on the skype, dont cost anything for you or me if you have skype.

tried it with the boss and even the video looks great, iam using the ol school isight camera and it worked dynamite with the camera and the voice.

we might get a subscription which is 2.95 a month but we gonna see how we like it first.

only thing thats not so hot, for local calls, they charge ya a 3.9 connection fee, which i didnt know bout and its waived on the subscription one, but live and learn and pass it on.


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